This is going to be the last course you will ever need on generating residual income...

How Small Membership Machines Can Rake For You Massive, Passive Income!

From: Edmund Loh

Are you fed up of doing one launch after another? Or creating product after product after product? If your answer is yes, and you are spending more than 7 hours a day at the computer, you are not alone.

Because in a while, I will be showing you how you can work smart, do it only once and get paid over and over and over... and yet over again!

Just as it is doing for me right now...

This is residual income that I have been receiving into my PayPal account - month in, month out - for years. The method I use is so sound yet deceptively simple that *ANYONE* can duplicate the steps for themselves (and not even worry about the 'saturation' issue).

But I gotta tell you, it wasn't always that way.

The Problem With Most Membership Courses I Bought.

For many years, I was pretty much just like you. Yeah I was making some money online, but there was a problem: I had to keep creating one product after another - whether I liked it or not!

If I stopped working, my income stops too.

So I wanted something that would bring me passive income. Naturally, I thought of starting a monthly membership site (no surprises there). I bought other e-books and courses on how to start a profitable monthly membership site - only to find out there were even more problems!

What These Membership 'Gurus' Didn't Tell You...

A powerful marketer I know had close to 1000 members from a launch, but almost all of them dropped out that by the second month, he collected only $900 in subscription fees!

If this is how a monthly membership site is typically run in Internet Marketing, then I. AM. NOT. IMPRESSED.

After discovering all these problems, I gave up the idea of doing monthly sites until I revisited it again... years later.

Then I Finally Cracked The Code.

This time I was really, really tired of creating one product after another for the sake of seeing income coming in. It was sad because it used to be something I loved and enjoyed doing when I started marketing online, but this time I was forced to do it for a living.

So I went back to the monthly membership idea again and - this seems counter-intuitive - I did the opposite on some of the key things taught by many of the membership courses I bought.

It was long overdue thus I went ahead and launched my first membership site using this 'prototype' model... And the results were nothing short of stellar!

During this period, I could afford to be away from the computer longer and took more vacations in 6 months than I did in my first several years online.

Even on days when I do not mail out to my mailing list, or weeks that I do not have a new product to launch, I will still get sales drumming my Inbox.

It doesn't matter to me even when a member drops out. I had already done all the work once and not look back again. And the only thing I had to do was just simply find new members!

I had launched a second and third monthly membership this year following the same model, and my results had been much more refined since. (My second membership now has a retention rate of nearly 80% after 3 months)

Look, you don't need thousands of members - although that is a good thing to have - but what you DO need is loyal members who will stay with you for a very, very long time.

Most importantly, you want to build a monthly site that is truly PASSIVE in nature. This means you do the ground work only ONCE (yes, ONCE) and don't look back again.

And I will show you how to do all of these in...

Announcing Membership Sales Machine 2.0

The Membership Sales Machine is so-called because it's a set-it-and-forget-it system that churns in income for you, in the form of subscription fees, month after month after month. I know that sounds cliché and overused but that is exactly what it does - and the more monthly sites you build using this model, the more passive income you can earn.

I mean, how would you like to start the following month right off the bat with disposable income? ... And you haven't even lifted a finger just yet!

Here's What You Will Learn:


How to get members to stay with you for at least several months! You will discover how I achieved a retention rate of 69% and 80% for my monthly sites and how you can enjoy similar results.


How to get premium content for low-cost. This was an old problem I had when I started my monthly memberships before. You don't want to be losing members while maintaining a fixed, high cost. I show you how to get your content sorted out without shelling out a small fortune.


How to set up your first monthly membership site in 2 hours or less!You don't need any expensive scripts or additional paid plugins - all you need to start with is WordPress script (FREE), autoresponder (Aweber recommended) and PayPal account (again, FREE).


How to sell HUNDREDS of membership spots! This is the problem never addressed in even the most pricey of courses I've checked out... now I've got the code cracked for you!

First of all I have to be blunt: you are not going to score thousands of members right off the bat. There are marketers capable of doing that but they are really the exception and not the rule. But you CAN start with 50 members... 100 even... and most importantly, I am talking about members who are loyal to your subscription for many more months to come!


How to automate your membership so you don't have to look back again. This is the main essence of Membership Sales Machine. You want to set everything up and do the ground work only once and not log into your WordPress admin account again.


Profitable membership ideas and themes you can swipe and use for yourself!


A low-cost, high-return method to start driving in massive, targeted traffic to build both your free subscriber AND monthly members count! I admit this was a recent mastery as I had sucked at it for so many years. Now I'm banking on this like clockwork, it makes me wish I can keep on doing this! What took me so long to figure it out you can find out right NOW.


An insight into my favorite method to get sales and monthly members (usually preferring to keep all the monthly subscriptions to myself!) - this method has been responsble for 70% of my total sales online since Day 1 I started as an Internet Marketer.


An absolutely FREE but powerful way to build your list and rake up loyal monthly members count! (yes... virtually ZERO cost attached)

checkRed2Looking for a big payday? No, I'm not going to ask you to do a product launch... what for, when you can pull this off and get 10 to 12 times the monthly income from your membership site - RIGHT NOW, IN A LUMP SUM! (This strategy alone is worth MORE than the price I am asking for this entire course)

checkRed2And a whole lot more...

What Others Are Saying About Membership Sales Machine:

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Get Started With Your Own Membership Sales Machine.

If you do a quick google search or find the other courses out there that teach how to build membership sites, they would normally charge anywhere from $77 all the way up to $997. I know because I was the one snapping up everyone of them!

And I also know of gurus who charge $3,000 and above to give hands on workshop training. I had bought into all of these yet it didn't save me from one year of costly trial and error that set me back by thousands of dollars.

After overcoming my despair and raking in residual income every single month for years from the Internet, I am now giving you the shortcut to bypass the trial and error I went through in my yesteryears.

That said, you can get instant online access to my Membership Sales Machine course now for just $197 $77.00.

Don't judge the worth of my information by looking at the price tag though. I say with full confidence that this beats all those $497 home study courses on the same topic that are preaching obsolete methods in building your own monthly sites.

At a price this low, you need to get just 3 members paying you $30 a month OR one member staying with you for 3 months - that's right, just ONE member - and you already cover your investment! Even a 16 year old girl can do it. (Yes, I have a student that I coach prove that!)

Frankly, I don't need to give you any bonuses since the worth of my course speaks for itself. But tell you what, if you act now you can grab these extras that will help in your monthly sites:

CASE STUDY - My First Successful Membership Experiment

This is a detailed case study video I recorded several weeks after my first successful membership site took off and scored hundreds of paid monthly members. Modeled exactly after everything taught in my Membership Sales Machine, you are guaranteed to pick up many wealth-building gems!

This is a real world value of $47.

My Membership Sales Machine
Ready-To-Go Templates

If there is anything that can help you deploy your first very own membership sales machine, it's got to be the templates I use for all of my monthly sites to date. You can swipe my template member emails and customized WordPress themes tailored for this purpose.

This is a real world value of $47.


I am keeping this under the wraps from the public eye. There is actually a whole lot more Bonuses waiting to be unlocked but once you purchase your access to my Membership Sales Machine course, you can get these mystery wealth-building bonuses at no extra cost!

All the good stuff said, I have saved the best for the last.

Because this is newly launched, I am going to treat you to a launch intro price of just

Membership Sales Machine 2.0




However there's a catch: I reserve the right to raise the price back to retail at anytime, and without notice. And chances are, I will do this once I think I have sold enough copies to introduce my ideas to the Internet Marketing arena. (In fact, I had raised the price two times so far)

So there you have it. If you are looking for ways to make money smart, you are looking at it right now. I hope to have your testimonial on this page soon.

Membership Sales Machine 2.0

P.S. Forget about the other $197 or even $497 membership home study courses because (1) chances are that I already bought them and I found out (2) they are using obsolete approach by today's standards.

P.P.S. And just so you know, I didn't come up with this course overnight. Years ago I launched my first 2 monthly sites (using those 'old tricks') only to have them flopped. So you can imagine my frustration after 6 months of preparing each of them. What you are seeing now is results beyond what I am enjoying; it also came with the price of trial and error. If you want to make money online the smart, easy way - nothing beats this. I mean it when I say this is the last course you will ever need on monthly membership sites.

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